Snom - Setting Up Handset


When setting up a Snom handset, be sure to check if you are using Power over Ethernet (PoE) or a power supply which would have been supplied separately.

If you are using PoE, connect a network cable into the port labelled NET and the other end into a known and working network socket. A power supply is not required if you are using PoE. Additionally, the port labelled PC is used for daisy-chaining further Ethernet devices without the need for a second Ethernet connection line.

If PoE is not available, please use the 5V DC power supply and plug it into the connector labelled DC 5V.

( page 14 image) ‘Figure 1’

Order of Setup

  1. Connect the receiver to the back of the handset as show in ‘Figure 1’
  2. Connect the network cable
  3. Attach the footstand ( page 13)
  4. Connect the power supply
  5. To configure the handset, contact our technical support team by raising a support case

Configuring the Handset

If during the boot up process you are presented with the following screen and message, please raise a support case quoting the MAC address.

‘welcome to vorboss image’ ‘Figure 2’

Additionally within the support case, please detail how you would like this handset to be configured:

  • The details of the extension
    • Full Name
    • Email
    • Caller ID
  • If you would like to enable call recording
  • How you would like to route incoming calls

Once we have configured the handset, the new settings will be pushed to your device and you will see the following screen with your extension name.

‘image of standard handset homescreen’