About the Knowledge Base

Welcome to the new Vorboss Knowledge Base.

This is a collection of resources which are publicly available, but primarily aimed at Vorboss customers. Much of the content here is specific to our infrastructure, but some of it may be of general interest or have a wider audience. For that reason we have taken the decision to provide completely open access.

Other Resources

Our website: https://vorboss.com

Customer Control Panel: https://secure.vorboss.net

Customer Portal (new): https://portal.vorboss.com

Using the Knowledge Base

Every page on the Knowledge Base has a KB number (for example, this is KB15041501). You can always reach a page by putting the number in the URL, for example: http://kb.vorboss.net/KB15041501.


If you find problems with any of the content that you find here, please let us know by email to reply@vorboss.com. You can also find us on Twitter @vorboss.