Setup O365 for Android

If you haven’t installed the app yet, download the Outlook for Android app.

  1. After you’ve installed the Outlook app, tap to open it on your device.
  2. Tap Get Started.

    Outlook for Android 03

  3. Select Office 365.

    Office 365

  4. Follow the prompts and enter the username you have been provided with where it asks for Email Address and then tap Continue. (When using a business email account, this username may be different to your email address and will have been provided to you by Vorboss).

    Outlook for Android 04

  5. Type your password, and then tap Sign in.
    If you get a time-out message, your password or other information might be incorrect. Retype the information, and then try again.

  6. Tap Yes to let the app access your info. Outlook begins syncing your data right after it connects to your account.