Click 2 Dial

The Vorboss Click 2 Dial API and applet improves the efficiency of telephone operators by virtually eliminating the time taken to transfer a telephone number from any computer system to their telephone handset. Assuming the telephone number is correct in the source list, there can be no transcription errors.


  • The applet will work without the need for any integration code. As long as the user can copy a number to clipboard, the applet can use it.
  • Example code is available to allow companies to integrate the API into their CRM systems.
  • Operators spend less time transcribing telephone numbers, and more time on the telephone
  • Transcription errors are not possible
  • The API links to the call recording of the call, which can be tagged into a CRM system, or instantly downloaded and tagged into a client file
  • There will be no more charges for calling incorrect telephone numbers
  • The API supports sub accounting: it can automatically tag calls to a particular campaign or customer


In a web browser (for this initial install, Internet Explorer and Firefox work better than Chrome. Once installed there is no reliance on any particular browser), go to

Download and/or run the file, and you will see:


After launch, it will prompt you to dial 5465 (LINK in keypad letters) into your telephone handset. This is to pair your extension with your computer.

Type in the 6 digits that the applet shows you. You will hear “Thank you” from your telephone earpiece, at that point you should hang up the call.


Now, whenever you copy a telephone number into clipboard, the applet will recognise that as a telephone number and copy that number into itself. Telephone numbers containing spaces, and international formats are supported.


Pressing enter / space bar / hitting the dial button will cause your handset to initially dial the handset you paired, when you answer, it will ring the number that you copied into clipboard.

When you have finished speaking the remote party, hang up the call as normal.


Auto pickup

Disabled by default, enabled by request, activated on a per handset basis.

As soon as the number is entered, the remote party is called: there is no need to lift the receiver of the operator placing the call. We require an indemnification before this feature can be enabled on an account due to the potential for calls to be placed and connected erroneously by the operator.


Example code is available. Please request it from us.