Vorboss Mirror Service

Vorboss operates a number of website mirrors for use by its customers and also the wider public audience. The following mirrors are available over HTTP:

Name URL Notes Size (on 18th May 2015)
Apache Project http://mirror.vorboss.net/apache Refreshed every 4 hours 55GB
CentOS http://mirror.vorboss.net/centos Refreshed every 12 hours 96GB
Debian http://mirror.vorboss.net/debian Refreshed every 4 hours 1.1TB
Debian Backports http://mirror.vorboss.net/debian-backports Refreshed every 4 hours 31GB
Debian Releases (ISOs) http://mirror.vorboss.net/debian-cd Refreshed every 4 hours 145GB
Fedora http://mirror.vorboss.net/fedora Refreshed every 4 hours 1.4TB
Sourceforge http://sourceforge.vorboss.net Push Updated from Sourceforge 10TB
Ubuntu Releases (ISOs) http://mirror.vorboss.net/ubuntu-releases Refreshed every 4 hours 17GB
Ubuntu Archive (Packages) http://mirror.vorboss.net/ubuntu-archive Refreshed every 4 hours 723GB
VideoLAN (VLC Media Player) http://mirror.vorboss.net/videolan Refreshed every hour 33GB